Alien 3 : the version lost of William Gibson will finally be entitled to a second life






The scenario the lost episode the most controversial Alien is making its big comeback and in the form of a comic book.

Before that amount of viewers will lament in front of Prometheus and Alien : Covenant, the fans ofAlien, the eighth passenger tapèrent on Aliens – The return, and especially on Alien 3 (before smash Alien, the resurrection). The episode signed David Fincher, probably the most nihilistic and hopeless of the saga, was long the most hated, considered by many as a betrayal of the mythology and a real finger to the fans (it reminds you of something).

But the version of the film that we know is only the culmination of a course of the fighter, which began well before the shooting nightmare, during which Fincher will find himself confronted with a studio that does not understand.



Initially, it is the great novelist of SF William Gibson, who had been recruited to write the screenplay. Except that his proposal was never validated and it fell into limbo. The genesis ofAlien 3 being among the most complicated and frustrating of the history of cinema, as Vincent Ward has also worked on a version abandoned, many wondered what it would have looked like the vision of the author.

And in fact, his proposal will have to be adapted in comics, under the auspices of Dark Horse. The plot will pick up where ended Aliens, while Ripley and a handful of survivors drifting onboard the Sulako. The script wants to be influenced by the stories about the cold war, and will taken our heroes with two entities, eager to put the hand on the Anhedral.

The novelist sent a statement to teams and the least we can say is that it seems to be rather delighted.



“When your first order of scenario (or any scenario for that matter) is not produced, but that the film is finally realized from a different script, not keeping yours as a bar code on the nape of the neck of a character, the last thing you expect is to see your work beautifully adapted and transposed, decades later, on a medium different, by an artist of the caliber of Johnnie Christmas.

It is a wonderful experience and I have no doubt that the version of Johnnie, which adheres almost entirely to my scenario, will offer the public a better vision of my creation that would not have been able to do in any film whatsoever. “

The first issue of this new version will be released on November 7, 2018.


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