Alina Sagitova told about his relationship with Evgenia Medvedeva: “I do not talk with Eugene”

Evgeny Medvedev and Alina Sagitova

Last weekend in Vancouver ended the Grand Prix final in figure skating, where 16-year-old Alina Sagitova surely win and took second place, losing gold, figure skater from Japan. Immediately after the competition to talk to the athlete wished many journalists.

In one such interview Sagitov spoke about the relationship with his other opponent, 19-year-old Evgenia Medvedeva, who, unlike Alina in the Grand Prix final pass and could not.

I don’t hang out with Eugene. Why? She went to Canada. We in principle, it is not much talked, especially before the Olympics. First we were rivals and we spoke not so straight best friend-friend. Since Jack left, she hasn’t written to me, and I’m not her writing,

— open up Sagitova in conversation with journalists “RIA Novosti” .

Alina Sagitova, Vladimir Putin and Yevgeny Medvedev

Alina also noted that between rivals in the sport can never be true friendship. In the example of the figure skater has led gymnasts Margarita Mamun and Yana Kudryavtsev, the relationship which, in the opinion of Sagitova, just seemed perfect.

In his conversation with journalists Sagitova also touched upon the attacks in social networks, which she is regularly exposed because each of his mistakes.

I speak not as from me, how many people immediately begin to write: here, she is drained, she can’t. This sofa critics. They were not in my place, I don’t know how difficult everything is at this level. And when I realize, we reassure ourselves,

— told Alina about his way of dealing with negativity online.

Alina Sagitova

By the way, recently the subject of the persecution of Internet users in one of the interviews raised and Evgenia Medvedeva. She confessed that she is extremely sensitive about criticism. For this reason, she decided to abstract from social networks — its official accounts on the Internet are other people.

Alina Sagitova with her coach Eteri Tutberidze

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