All-female crew of the Delta brought 120 girls in the headquarters of NASA

Полностью женский экипаж Delta привез 120 девочек в штаб-квартиру NASA

Exclusively female crew Delta brought 120 girls in the headquarters of NASA. This trip is timed to the International day of women in aviation.

This trip was the fifth annual flight “Women, inspiring our next generation” (WING) in the Delta. The first event took place in 1025, the goal was to reduce the gender gap in science, technology and mathematics.

Although the international girls day in aviation was celebrated on Friday, all-female crew and 120 girls from age 12 to 18 arrived at the headquarters of the Agency at the beginning of the month. The plane flew from salt lake city to Houston, the mission control Center and Space center Johnson.

According to the airline, only 5 percent of pilots were women. Flying WING are part of the efforts to increase the number of civil pilots in the United States.