All Russian diplomats in the UK are actively spying on the instructions of the Kremlin

Все российские дипломаты в Великобритании активно шпионят по заданию Кремля

All remaining in the UK Russian diplomats mobilized by Moscow to perform reconnaissance tasks, possibly fatal. On Thursday, December 6, warns the popular British newspaper The Daily Mirror. This publication refers to the secret memo, which fell into the hands of the publisher.

The authors of the document are the heads of the British intelligence service Mi5 and the Ministry of internal Affairs. The note calls for police, military and intelligence personnel to exercise the highest degree of vigilance and to be ready to identify Russian spies. Should fix the cases of the appearance of the Russian diplomatic car in any part of Britain.

In a secret Memorandum, according to the newspaper, lists the numbers of cars that use the Russian diplomatic personnel in the United Kingdom. Then follows the warning: “We are aware that Russian intelligence officers travel a lot in Britain, and part of their activities associated with obtaining intelligence. Intelligence service of the Russian Federation, according to the analysis, represent a significant espionage threat to the UK. The purpose of this alert is to encourage you to report all detections of Russian diplomatic cars to document and report the registration number of the car, the date, time, place she was seen, direction of movement and number and description of people who were in the car.”

The newspaper reminds that in the spring of 2018, the UK expelled a Russian diplomat 23. The decision was taken in connection with the poisoning of Yulia and Sergei Skripal in Salisbury. British intelligence agencies have established that the perpetrators of this crime used a forbidden toxic substance “Beginner”. They were officers of Russian foreign intelligence (GRU) Anatoly Chapiha and Alexander Mishkin. They arrived in Britain with passports issued in the names Bashirova Ruslana and Alexander Petrov.

An informed source told The Daily Mirror that the expulsion of diplomats struck a heavy blow on the intelligence capabilities of the Kremlin. “Russia will take several years to restore Britain’s pre-existing capabilities. Repeated attempts to do this were thwarted. Therefore, suspicion falls on the diplomats remain in the Embassy”, — said the source publication.

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