All shades of gray: Amal Clooney walks in new York

Amal Clooney

Long ago, 40-year-old Amal Clooney is not coming under the sights of photographers (apparently with their 17-month children, she tries to spend as much time as possible), but every release (whether official or not) makes the public a great interest — a well-known fashionista, she always dresses so that her images for a long time to discuss.

Yesterday, the paparazzi managed to shoot Amal on the streets of new York. The wife of 57-year-old George Clooney was dressed in a long gray dress and coat with ruffles, which she chose not to zip up.

Your grey ensemble she was entertained by a classic black pumps, and accessories chose large earrings with red precious stones, which perfectly contrasted with her restrained way.

Hair Amal is dissolved, wound large curls and styled to the side. Her make-up was harmonious and moderately bright: beige-brown eye shadow is perfectly combined with the coral-hued lip gloss.

Much like this went Amal Clooney (Yes another one!), unknown. But, apparently, the reason for this, her image was still some solemn. Although, considering the fact that to work at Columbia University she walks, that is, “in all beauty”, it is possible that in this form she came just for dinner.

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