Alla Pugacheva has announced a new concert program dedicated to the 70th anniversary: “Grandmother hurt nobody”

Alla Pugacheva

For eight years fans of Alla Pugacheva had hard to miss in her performances — her last recital she gave in 2010. Yesterday 69-year-old singer returned to the stage and spoke at the International legal forum in St. Petersburg.

For all the star played well known songs and even danced with their fans, why they came to a real delight.

Alla Pugacheva fan


Really cool, memorable and unplanned night. Next to sing, to dance and to see all the 11 songs of the great singer of our country is just awesome. She’s A Star. We have none, and no more. Even close no one stood. Bravo!

— shared his impressions one of those present at the concert.

Those who are not able to attend the presentation of a prima Donna, should not get upset. Pugacheva has signaled that it is preparing for fans of something interesting on its 70th anniversary (the anniversary of the star will be celebrated on 15 April 2019).

I’ll be honest that I have rarely sing these songs. I have long been a new program that was created life. Just not had the opportunity to sing. It is unlikely that this new program you like, but I’ll try for 70 years to arrange something. Grandma will not hurt — will modestly all sit and clap.

Do you know why you love me? Because I love you. All my life I have put on and on these songs. And now I live differently. It is such a joy. This life I didn’t even know

— said from the stage Pugacheva, obviously meaning “happiness” for his family — the 41-year-old husband, Maxim Galkin and their four children Lisa and Harry.


And about the other details of the last concert SPLETNIK.RU who was lucky enough to visit, will tell you more later — follow us!

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