Almost everything we hear, it kills our ears

Почти все, что мы слышим, убивает наш слух

The doctors say that the sharp surround sound even from small appliances such as food processors and hair dryers, can reach the level of leading to permanent damage.

Our ears are sensitive instruments that have evolved in a much more relaxed times, no rock concerts, loud restaurants, power tools, and headphones. David Owen (David Owen) in his new book “adjusting the volume” he explains how almost all of the sounds with which we live today, are harmful to our ears.

He notes that people who live in places without significant background noise, tend to experience less hearing loss than the average citizen, because all of the noise around can lead to irreversible damage to the ears.

He recommends the use of ear plugs at any loud noise, especially when you visit cinemas and concerts. Moreover, hearing loss in General reduces our cognitive abilities.