Amber heard continues to shock bold images on the set of new film

Amber Heard

The 31-year-old amber heard has been a long shots year. Now the actress is again busy with the work involved in a new mysterious project Run Away With Me, which appears in an unusual form. Yesterday the paparazzi caught amber in the image with leaking mascara, disheveled hair and a short red top, today, the costume designers have dressed the actress was not less extravagant.

Amber heard with a colleague

Amber was top with floral print, under which was visible through the bottom lace lingerie bright pink, and short denim shorts. Actress braided two spikelets, and supplemented with the image of earrings and a few tattoos drawn on her body. Judging from the appearance of a former lover Elon musk, the film will unfold in the 70s or 80s of the last century.

Amber Heard

By the way, she heard shared with his followers in Instagram a photograph in the same way, but I prefer to use black-and-white filter, which only added to the atmosphere retro. Signed photograph of actress simple — phrase En-Joyce, which is conformable to the English word “enjoys”.


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