AMD will tell about the processors Zen 2 at a conference in San Francisco

AMD расскажет о процессорах Zen 2 на конференции в Сан-Франциско

At GDC 2019, which will be held from 18 to 22 March in San Francisco, representatives from Advanced Micro Devices will share new details on microarchitecture Zen 2, which formed the basis of future processors Ryzen and EPYC. This became known from the published on the day the Game Developer Conference, reports

Presentation of “red” will be primarily dedicated to the optimization of software for AMD Ryzen, however, the participants also “get information about the next generation x86-cores Zen 2”.

What the company intends to show the video game developers yet is not known. In past years, AMD representatives talked about the architectural features of their products, for example, the structure of the cache memory in the new CPU. You can expect to become aware of such information, and the Zen 2 chips.

AMD расскажет о процессорах Zen 2 на конференции в Сан-Франциско

One of the main events of the January 2019 CES was a demonstration of the engineering sample of the processor AMD Ryzen 3000. Shows the CPU operated on eight cores with multithreading support and completed the test Cinebench R15 with a result similar to the Intel Core i9-9900K (8 cores/16 threads, 3.6 or 5 GHz). According to unofficial information, AMD is also preparing to release 12-core desktop processor Ryzen 3000.