American clown-killer got 42 years in prison

Американский клоун-убийца получил 42 года тюрьмы

Last year a man in a clown suit killed someone.

In the USA a man who attacked his victim in a clown suit, was sentenced to 42 years in prison on charges of second-degree murder, reports the with reference for Today.

As it became known, in may 2017 37-year-old Christian Gulzar carried out the attack near a cafe in Denver, wearing a glove with blades with a length of about eight centimeters, resembling the hand of the character Freddy Krueger from “a Nightmare on elm street” inches, inflicting on himself clown black-and-white makeup.

The convict said that he killed 29-year-old man stole scooter and threatened him, and Gulzar grabbed the victim and did not notice that inflicted the fatal wound.

In turn, the familiar prisoners reported that the killer was a very dark man who loved to travel around the city in suits magazines and once dressed up in Joker comics Batman.

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