American tourists confessed to the murder of a COP

Американские туристы сознались в убийстве полисмена

Italian authorities said that two citizens of the United States of America, a minor, in the course of interrogation admitted his guilt in the brutal murder of an Italian policeman.

Officer Mario reg Cerciello (Mario Cerciello Rega) died after receiving eight stab wounds when he and his colleague pursued the two teenagers accused of stealing. The police officer was 35 years old, and he just returned to work after the honeymoon.

Initially it was rumored that the COP killed the natives of North Africa. Commenting on this information, the Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini (Matteo Salvini) called the perpetrators “bastards”, but on Friday on suspicion of committing violent crimes arrested US citizens. Teenagers were just about to move out of the Roman of the hotel and go home.