American used bear spray during a protest against trump

Американец использовал спрей от медведей во время акции протеста против Трампа

Man accused of using bear spray against demonstrators critical of Donald trump (Donald Trrump).

32-year-old David Dempsey (David Dempsey) from Sherman oaks, California, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to felony after the use of hazardous substances during anticrepuscular protest. He used a strong gas, which is usually used in the attack bears.

Dempsey appeared at Saturday’s rally on the pier in Santa Monica with a group of concretestone, waving American flags and caps of the “Make America great again.” While another group is already minitravel on the pier, criticizing the policies of the current President. As a result, between supporters of different sects, a conflict broke out, which escalated into a fight. Dempsey released a stream of a caustic aerosol from the canister against the people who arrested him on the spot.

He had previously been convicted of theft, conspiracy to commit commercial burglary and fleeing from police.