Americans advised not to travel to Mexico after cancún found 8 corpses

Американцам посоветовали не ездить в Мексику после того, как в Канкуне нашли 8 трупов

Americans advised not to travel to Mexico after cancún found 8 corpses

Author: Vadym Matus


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The state Department advised U.S. citizens to refrain from trips to Mexico. Only last week in the tourist area of Cancun, on the Caribbean coast, was found 8 dead bodies.

The country was awarded the 2nd level of danger to tourists, which means that you need special care on their part. Americans warn in connection with “the occurrence of such crimes as murder, kidnapping, auto theft and robbery”. However, the authorities stressed that the warning is not related to the recent deaths.

According to reports from Mexican law enforcement, only on Tuesday was found dead a few: a man and a woman thrown on the road a taxi, the two men whose remains were found in plastic bags, and shot the man. The police of the state of Quintana Roo are investigating the murder of two other people (the body of one found in the hammock, and the other in a plastic bag. On the eighth killed details not misleading. The nationality of the victims the authorities are also not called.

None of the bodies were not discovered in recreation areas: in hotels, on the beaches. However, U.S. residents are asked to refrain from visiting such States in Mexico, such as:

  • Col.;
  • Guerrero;
  • Mich.;
  • Sinaloa;
  • Tamaulipas.

Americans who still decided to visit the country, I suggest:

  • To take the toll roads and avoid travel at night.
  • Be vigilant when visiting bars, night clubs and casinos.
  • To demonstrate the level of their income (for example, not to wear expensive watches and jewelry).
  • To stay alert at banks or ATMs near.
  • To register on the website of the US State Department in the framework of the Smart Traveler Enrollmentto while traveling all the necessary information about unsafe situations and you could quickly find in an emergency.
  • Subscribe to the page of the State Department in Facebook and Twitter.
  • To view a page with reports about crimes on the website of the Bureau of diplomatic security.
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