An 8 km walk for social housing

The Sherbrooke Tenants’ Association is organizing an eight-kilometer symbolic march on Saturday, April 7 th, linking the office of Federal Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau in Lennoxville with that of Minister Luc Fortin on King West.

The event is a prelude to the grand march of FRAPRU to be held from September 2 to 29, from Ottawa to Quebec City, with the theme “From Cities to Villages for Social Housing”.

According to Normand Couture, coordinator of the association, the goal is to attract more than a hundred people to Sherbrooke’s march. It is hoped that the message for the construction of social housing will continue to be heard.

“In order to join their voices to denounce the deterioration of the living conditions of tenant households in Sherbrooke and throughout Quebec, 46 Estrie groups from 13 different sectors have politically supported the construction of a major construction project of 50,000 social housing over five years, 1500 in Sherbrooke, “he recalls.

“These 46 groups also want to remind our two ministers that the situation is unsustainable for 1495 renter households who pay more than 100 per cent of their income for housing according to Statistics Canada’s latest census. That there is also urgency for the 6105 tenant households who pay more than 50% of their income for housing or all these renter households must choose between feeding, medecine, etc. ”

The current situation may not improve in the short term, says Couture, despite a federal government announcement on November 22 when the Canadian Housing Strategy was tabled.

The Strategy will not see the light of day until a second term of this government, provided it is re-elected. On the other hand it is impossible to know the amounts planned for the construction of new social housing, “he said.

“With regard to the provincial government in the last five years, the government has announced the construction of 12,000 new social housing units, which is really insufficient to meet the urgent needs of 195,635 renter households in Quebec who pay more than 50 per cent of their income for housing. In addition, only 9953 new social housing units were built, as funding was insufficient. ”

A peaceful march

Last June, the FRAPRU decided to hold the march that will symbolically link the federal and provincial capitals by stopping in 28 towns or villages to discuss with its people on the issue of housing.

Since it will not pass through Sherbrooke, the members of the Tenant Association have chosen to organize their eight-kilometer walk. “This walk is peaceful, family and inclusive so that everyone can participate,” says Normand Couture.

“To do this people with reduced mobility will be able to participate since a bus will follow the march. During the walk of the speakers of the different sectors who supported will speak the whole will be accompanied by a fanfare, music and slogans. Dinner will be served for free. ”

You can register by phone at 819 791-1541 or by email at .

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