An 8 year old child steals the gun from his mother and holds up a supermarket

Un enfant de 8 ans vole le pistolet de sa mère et braque un supermarché

The last February 3, a child living in Palm Beach, Florida (United States), stole the gun from his mom who was in her purse.

With a motorcycle helmet, the boy, aged 8, came in with the gun in a supermarket, walked in the front spokes of robbing the cashier asking him for the cash.

But the store employee was not afraid. He tore off his weapon and restrained : “I caught him, I twisted his wrist and I grabbed the rifle”. The small was then taken to the office of the manager, who called the police.

The mother, arrival at the station shortly after, struggling to explain the gesture of her son. “When I grabbed my hand bag, I realized that it was very light, and that it was me missing something. This is where I realized that my weapon was no longer in his place.”

The small, released, no longer has the right to approach the store, and will have to undergo tests to assess his mental health.