An airplane, with on board a player of FC Nantes, has disappeared over the English Channel

Un avion, avec à bord un joueur du FC Nantes, a disparu au-dessus de la Manche

A small plane took off from the airport of Nantes-Atlantic Monday night and was scheduled to land at Cardiff, in Wales, to 21: 00.

But he never arrived at the destination. Has the edge of the device, were two persons : the player of FC Nantes, Emiliano Sala and the driver.

According to the first elements, the plane nicknamed “The Piper Malibu” has lost contact with air traffic control at around 20 hours.

Relief operations have been underway since that night in the area of Alderney, located in the channel islands.

Two helicopters and a rescue vessel are to search for the device but they do not have for the moment nothing found. The weather conditions would be, it seems difficult.

The footballer Emiliano Sala, aged 28 years, came to engage with Cardiff City. He had left his old team-mates a few hours earlier before his disappearance.