An anonymous White house official who released a book called trump a dangerous madman

Анонимный чиновник Белого дома, выпустивший книгу, называет Трампа опасным безумцем

The anonymous author, who recently published a book about what is really happening in the corridors of the White house, called almost taken by the President of Donald trump’s decision “devastating over time.”

Many senior officials have a pre-written resignation letter, ready to be served, according to excerpts from the book, which was published recently. The anonymous author portrays the deep divisions in the administration of the current President, as well as the atmosphere of suppression and fear.

The behavior of President Donald trump can be so precarious that most senior administration officials keep a pre-written resignation letters, says an anonymous insider. He says that he is a senior official in the administration, however, hides a person.

In his opinion, the ability of the President to make decisions over time getting worse, every new solution is more destructive than the previous one. “I was part of the resistance within the administration trump. Many high-ranking officials in his own administration are working hard from the inside out to thwart his plans and to neutralize the worst tendency,” says the author.

The book of anonymous will be released on November 19.