An artist from Staten island have installed on the lawn of the trump Elizabeth II

Художник из Статен-Айленда установил у себя на газоне Трампа с Елизаветой II

An artist from Staten island have installed on the lawn of the trump Elizabeth II

Author: Vadym Matus


Donald trump installation new York Staten island trump

In the yard of one of houses in Staten island for several days now flaunts a 4-meter installation with the image of the President of the United States. Created it and set it on the lawn by local artist Scott Lobaido is the author of numerous works, devoted to the state flag.

During the presidential campaign of 2016, Lobaido created an installation in the form of the letter “T”, also with elements of the American flag in support of Donald trump. The composition is short lived — it burned by vandals.

Now on the lawn of the artist is a huge trump with the numbers “2020” bottom (hint for the next presidential election). State symbolism is also present here. At the bottom of the installation in the image of the Queen of England — Robert De Niro, a well-known critic of the current President.

This time the author decided to protect his creation by a fence and warning sign.

“I’m an artist and has the right to Express their opinion… — said Lobaido in an interview with Pix11. — Come on, shoot, shout, use the First amendment, don’t destroy my art and [my] property…”

Still the installation is intact. However, the author stated that if it again will destroy, it will only give him the strength to create new art objects.

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