An eight year old girl in seconds climbed on the “insurmountable” wall of trump

Восьмилетняя девочка за секунды вскарабкалась на “непреодолимую” стену Трампа

An eight year old girl for a few seconds rose to an 18-foot copy of “insurmountable” boundary wall of Donald trump (Donald Trump).

Activist Rick Weber (Rick Weber) decided to test whether the idea of the current President fulfilled, and the prototype of its walls able to stop the waves of illegal immigrants. He called novice climbers, grown man and little girl that they “tested” the inaccessibility of copies of the wall. As a result, 29-year-old Eric Kloker overcame the obstacle of juggling balls with one hand, and 8-year-old Lucy Hancock, climbed up in just a few seconds.

The US President has described his wall as “almost insurmountable” during a trip to the Mexican border in September, saying that 20 climbers world-class endorsed its inaccessibility.

Weber – co-founder of the Muir Valley climbing Park and nature preserve in Kentucky. Retired engineer decided to build an exact replica of the wall of trump, using the official and latest image structure.