An important and unexpected decision was made in a European country.

Важное и неожиданное решение приняли в европейской стране по беженцам

The Danish Parliament adopted a law providing for the transition from integration to future repatriation of the Danish approach to those seeking asylum in the country, particularly refugees from the quotas of the UN and other persons without permanent status.

The government, anti-immigration Danish people’s party and social Democrats- all voted for the legislation that was the subject of criticism from humanitarian organizations, writes The Local.

The Minister for immigration and integration Inger, Stollberg said that he did not know how many refugees will be returned to their countries of origin as a result of new legislation.

“We expect a tangible effect. But this is obviously not something you can quantify” she said in Parliament.

The social Democrats, the largest opposition party, voted for the bill, despite the fact that declared that do not agree with it in parts, for example, reducing social care integration, which is paid to people granted asylum.

Other opposition parties have criticized the new rules.

“It is quite clear that if after the (parliamentary) elections (to be held no later than June of this year. – Ed.) will most (of the left), then immigration will become a battleground and there are risks to take in the chaos,” he said.

Refugees should be returned home when conditions in their countries of origin will be considered safe enough for this purpose, according to the new policy.