An unsuccessful attempt to block the Telegram made fun of the original cartoon

Неудачные попытки заблокировать Telegram высмеяли оригинальным мультиком

“Nu, pogodi!” in a new light. Russia continues attempts to block the popular messaging app Telegram, which has already suffered many other services and sites, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

After the massive locks of millions of IP addresses Amazon and Google, that uses as Telegram, and other services, the Russian users reported problems with access to a range of online games, payment systems, banks, educational resources, other messengers and social networks.

In some periods of time is not functioning even the complex of Roskomnadzor, “the Auditor”.

Telegram, although with some interruptions, continues to work.

Networks is the second day of mocking the futile struggle of the Russian censorship body with a Telegram.

So, Youtube user Maxim Kazarnovsky has published a slightly edited excerpt from the Soviet cartoon “Nu, pogodi!”, which, according to commentators, is “a perfect reflection of what is happening”.

There are other options image of this struggle.

Неудачные попытки заблокировать Telegram высмеяли оригинальным мультиком

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