Anatomy series: Denis Shvedov and Love Aksenov in the TV series “Former” about rehabe

Love Aksenov. Still from the TV series the Exes

In June of this year, on the First channel gave the premiere of a long-awaited project with Denis by Shvedova and Love Aksenova in the lead roles. Studio Yellow, Black & White made this series back in 2016, but the yield on the screens has been delayed over and over again, until finally the producers have not decided the final date. While the creators have announced the beginning of filming the second season, SPLETNIK.RU explains why watch this unusual story about love in the interiors of the rehabilitation center.


Last week we talked about the TV series “Patrick Melrose”, in the center of the story which was the story of man’s struggle with his addictions. It is interesting that the Russian series the topic of drugs (especially the scenes in which they use) is not that taboo, but it is presented in most cases is very casual and the Directors do not stop your attention.

In the “Former” us from the first shots show the main character that, by adopting a number of different substances that travels through the city on the convertible. Her carelessness and levity in conjunction with a heavy character will respond to an accident, after which parents are forced to send her to treatment.

Denis Shvedov and Vitali KHAYEV. Still from the TV series the Exes

The plot

At the crossroads of the world’s wealthiest people and the middle class are two completely different from each other person. Ilya is a doctor of moderate means, who works in a private clinic and specializiruetsya on helping drug-addicted people. He knows this firsthand, because he once went through a similar experience. Jan — the girl with no brakes and self-control, it can easily hurt even the most intimate, but did not think to apologize.

Once in his behavior, she goes to an extreme, and parents send her to treatment for addiction in a private clinic. It all starts with the relationship of psychologist and patient, but very quickly grows into something more. Ilya is tied to the girl, despite the fact that his house, waiting for five minutes to the wife. But Yana actually broke contact with her family, and she needs to start her life over again. Together, they have to heal from the past, find love and experience problems in which they will involve the careless brother of the protagonist.

Love Aksenov. Still from the TV series the Exes


The role of the psychologist with a dark past plays a theatre actor Ramtha Denis Shvedov. The popularity came to him in 2013 after he starred in the title role of Yuri Bykov “Major”. Dark crime drama came to the Cannes film festival and even nominated for a special award from the press, and after the filming of “Infidelity” with Elena Lyadova Swedes has cemented its status as one of the most interesting actors in Russian cinema.

Ian also plays the actress Love Aksenov, long starred in the roles of the second plan. In 2015 she appeared as the protagonist in the ribbon, the Creator of the “Boomer” Peter Buslov’s “homeland.” The plot of that movie, the girl falls in Goa, after her father in a fit of anger leaves her from a private plane on the first available runway. So, the role of a spoiled daughter of a wealthy family, firmly entrenched behind the actress.

Denis Shvedov. Still from the TV series the Exes

The creators

Studio Yellow, Black & White has been collaborating with the STS and made them such Comedy series as “Kitchen”, “Hotel Eleon”, “Ivanov-Ivanov” and “Daddy’s girls”. And the Director of the “Former” Ivan Kitaev more known for his work on the sitcoms “Family business” and “universal”, but now decided to take an uncharacteristic genre of crime drama.

Recently, the Studio produces series on the First channel, and the story of Yana and Ilya was the first attempt, quite successful, judging by the fact that now shoot the sequel to this project. Interestingly, that six years ago they also began to engage in the production of feature films for distribution in the cinema and last year he produced the Comedy of the Novel Karimov “denied!”, where the role of the main antagonist played Love Aksenov.

Love Aksenov. Still from the TV series the Exes


Two weeks ago we talked about the TV series “Red bracelets”, which at an unexpected angle, was filed by the subject of the Russian cancer hospitals. Artificial events were particularly unexpected for many viewers who are not used to see domestic series on medical subjects, especially when the main characters are teenagers.

“Former” was accepted by the audience of the First channel is much warmer, perhaps because here the story goes beyond hospital spaces. Although it is worth to mention again, characters who struggle with drug addiction, on the Russian TV before that were not in such abundance, but nevertheless they suddenly found a greater response from the audience.

Love Aksenov. Still from the TV series the Exes


Olga Kuzmina, “Evening Moscow”

In this film you will see unusual Denis Shvedov — not the usual image of a strong and tough kid, and the image of human suffering, the seeker, struggling with himself, his feelings and his “demons”. Not flat, and the role of Luba Aksenova, she plays the main character, a girl-major Ian embodied as the freedom of thought inherent in polupolushka, a habit of dumping on the head of the money, and in many respects unfortunate nature, has passed through all the circles of hell and got to the exorbitant dependence on a private debauchery.

Olga Gerasimenko,

The authors of the film tried to figure out, is it possible recovery and how much effort is behind this. It is often a seemingly healthy, successful and intelligent people fall into the vortex of dependency and are rapidly moving towards self-destruction. To change something in yourself can be trying. Only if you have enough heroes forces to defend their interests? <…> Of course, in the life of Yana and Ilya tries to interfere with their loved ones. And impose their views. But what to choose? Health? Addiction? Or love? These important decisions Yana and Ilya have yet to take.

A poster series of “Former”

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