Ancient stone globe surprised scientists by an unknown continent

Древний каменный глобус удивил ученых неизвестным материком

Some researchers believe that the globe is depicted Atlantis.

In 1984 a group of scientists led by Alice Sotomayor in Ecuador (the mountain range of La Mans) found an interesting stone globe, which was created by ancient people. The author of the map of the world, apparently, did not look for more or less round cobblestones, and took the first available, according to the with reference to the news of the world.

The most interesting is the presence on the globe the continent, which at the moment. So, scientists were able to identify the Apennine Peninsula, India, Greece, the Persian Gulf and other regions. But from East Asia and to America, the picture clearly doesn’t match up with reality.

It is noteworthy that mysterious continent on the map attached to Japan. Perhaps this was the earth before our times. In materials M. Kimura, it should be noted, as mentioned in a continent of Mu.

Territory Mu, according to the theories, went under water. It is possible that this continent was Atlantis. On the single ancient continent in some way indicates a genetic link between the Indians and the Japanese. Many scientists, it should be noted, skeptical about the veracity of the ancient globe.

Древний каменный глобус удивил ученых неизвестным материком

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