Andrea, 27 years old, focuses on the wrong bus : it is beaten and raped by her good samaritan

Andrea, 27 ans, se trompe de bus : elle est tabassée et violée par son bon samaritain

Andrea Sicignano, a native of the state of New-York, in the United States, was made six months ago in Madrid, Spain, for his studies.

On 8 December last year, she attended with a friend to a Flamenco show where she drank alcohol.

And then, when she returned, the young woman of 27-year-old is the wrong bus. When she realized, she was staying at the next stop.

Seeing a bit lost, an individual approached her and offered him help to get back home.

Then the man pounced on her and beaten her until she is completely KO. And he raped her.

The victim has preferred to the dead, so that her abuser did not complete.

And then, when it is satisfied that this last was gone, she ran barefoot in the street, calling for help until a driver stops and takes her to the hospital.

The doctors have conducted tests which confirmed the rape. The suspect was arrested and placed in detention on remand. It was already known to the police.