Andrea Horvath performed for the first time after the election (PHOTO)

Андреа Хорват впервые выступила после  выборов  (ФОТО)

The leader of the official opposition Andrea Horvath for the first time spoke to the press after the election. She says she will do everything possible to deter the government of Prime Minister Doug Ford, expressed concern that it will be difficult, given that Ford wasn’t “straight” relative to the cost of their promises.

Party new Democrats won 40 seats in Ontario and will form the official opposition as soon as work resumes.

“Forty seats, of course, not all government, but it is possible for us to keep Doug Ford,” said Horvath in an interview on Tuesday. According to her, the party will fight hard against any reductions in the public services sector. – We had hoped to form a government and be able to implement our ideas. However, people gave us an official opposition, there is nothing to complain, especially with Doug Ford at the helm, in my opinion. So actually, we have plenty”.

Horvath argues that, although her party and claim victory, the election results can be considered successful.

“We knew that to win either Ford or me. The final idea of what happens, we didn’t have because, as you know, in many districts the exact numbers were not clear until the very end. I respect the decision that people made in Ontario, and look forward to the moment to become the official leader of the opposition”.

Party Croat focus on Ford “didn’t cut something people have come to rely,” said the Croat, adding that Democrats share the idea of investing of public services.

On the question of whether there is an opportunity to work constructively with Ford, she said, “Well, that will depend on Doug Ford, I think. He’s going to set the tone, and we’ll see how it goes”.

However, Horvath expressed concern that Ford, unlike past leaders of the progressive conservatives, told the financial details of their platform during the campaign.

“We the elected Prime Minister of the province, which actually was not informed in advance about the implementation of their plans from the point of view of reduction.”

For example, overcrowded hospitals, she said, it is unclear how much will be spent by the government of Ford to fix it.

Horvath says she intends to remain a leader of the new Democrats of Ontario, given that the party almost doubled the number of seats she won in the legislature. In 2014, the party won only 21 seats.

Ford will officially take office on June 29.

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