Andreanne Robert will return to court in 2020

Andreanne Robert will undergo her preliminary inquiry early in 2020.
The former teacher at Sherbrooke ‘s Triolet High School, who is accused of sexual acts against students, had already announced that she would contest her summons for trial.

Justice Conrad Chapdelaine of the Court of Quebec held Tuesday, January 9 and 10, 2020 for the preliminary inquiry.

Five witnesses must be assigned during the preliminary inquiry, a pre-trial stage where the evidence is presented, but whose credibility is not tested.

They will be able to testify by video.

Andréanne Robert faces 16 charges of a sexual nature while she was in a position of authority.

The high school teacher is accused of gestures ranging from incitement to sexual contact while she was in a position of authority, to computer luring, between May and December 2017.

The alleged acts were allegedly committed against five victims.

Charges for the production of child pornography were also filed against the 45-year-old woman for the same five victims.

Some of the charges relate specifically to actions taken on December 9, 2017. For some other complainants under the age of 18, the period runs from June to December 2017.

The luring acts also cover a period of up to five months, between May and October 2017.

In December 2017, Andréanne Robert was accused of computer luring and sexual exploitation of minors.

The teacher at Triolet High School was first arrested in December 2017 for sexual acts against two teenagers.

She had been suspended from her duties following the filing of criminal charges against minors.

She spent a few days in detention in the summer of 2018 after breaking one of her release conditions after being arrested in this case.

During her visit to the Lake of Nations Festival, she was spotted at the end of the evening by the Sherbrooke Police Service.

She now resides in the Quebec City area where she has undertaken studies in a field other than teaching.

Marie-Line Ducharme represents the Crown, while Caroline Monette defends the accused.

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