Andrew Ranger finishes second in Toronto

Andrew Ranger finished the fourth leg of the NASCAR Canadian series in second place behind Alex Tagliani on Saturday in Toronto. The Granbyen has thus risen to the top of the rankings. It is also a fourth victory in a row by a Quebec driver.
Parti from pole, Tagliani dominated most of the race, which took place in urban circuit in the Queen City.

Recall that Ranger was the second fastest in practices, but his car was found to be non-compliant during the technical inspection, since it was too high. He finally took the start in 6th place, on 19 cars.

“I was a little stressed before the race,” said Ranger. Toronto is a downtown runway, so it’s really narrow. From the start, I was able to take the fifth position and attack to find myself to lead the race ahead of Alexandre Tagliani and Marc-Antoine Camirand for some time before they passed me. ”

With three laps to go, Camirand made a mistake that sent him into the safety tires, allowing Ranger to take second place in the restart, behind Tagliani.

“It’s always exciting in our series, because you never know what can happen. It’s very stressful, “said the pilot from Roxton Pond.

A “spectacular” end

Tagliani repelled a Ranger attack at the end of the race in the final stretch, which had delighted him in a similar situation last year.

“He did not make any mistakes in the end. We ended almost side by side in the straight line. I was only a tenth behind him. Not a second there, only a tenth! It was really spectacular! ”

Louis-Philippe Dumoulin completed the podium.

By virtue of his second place, Ranger grabbed the lead, ahead of Kevin Lacroix by 2 points and Tagliani by 12 points. Ranger was very pleased with his run and start of the season, with three podiums in four races and a fourth.

He also salutes the high level of competition. “All the drivers in the top 10 had a chance to win. In four events, there were four different winners, “he said.

The NASCAR Canadian series will resume July 24 in Western Canada, Saskatoon, for a double 125-lap event.

Ranger had some technical difficulties last year in Saskatchewan and wants to do better this year. “It was going very well, but I had a break in power steering. My car was on the go and I was disqualified. In short, it was catastrophic, “he said. Technical problems continued to annoy him during the following events.

“The West has been harder for me in the last seasons. My goal this year is to survive and get back to the top of the championship. ”