Andy Serkis does not agree with the controversy that has splashed Scarlett Johansson last summer






Andy Serkis is one of the artists most fascinating Hollywood because he has given life to many notable characters, whether it’s Gollum or Caesar. But here, he seeks may be trouble.

The film Mowgli, the other adaptation of the Jungle Book, produced by Warner and completely overshadowed by the release of the film Jon Favreau, will finally be seen by everyone from 7 December on Netflix. A fate that is unexpected for a project dear to the heart of Andy Serkis, who directed it. If the film has rather convainu (our critique here), Serkis seems to be more on the point to speak of him for his recent statements.


Finally visible to all on 7 December next


A little reminder of the facts : last summer, Scarlett Johansson was found in the center of a controversy at the announcement of his participation in the film Rub & Tug.

It should indeed embody Dante “Tex” Gill, a transsexuals who had created a network of prostitution in the 70s. As of this announcement, the community trans of Hollywood has entered the fray to denounce a big injustice, and to highlight the reluctance of the studios to engage them in their projects, even more when it is a film that directly concerns them.


Dante “Tex” Gill


It’s not bad gueulé for a few days and, in the end, ScarJo is removed from the film by expressing its respect and admiration for this community. Since, no one has heard of the movie that was supposed to make Rupert Sanders. But, go to know why, here it is in full promo of Mowgli, Andy Serkis has reopened the record to give his opinion to the micro Variety. And he is not really happy that ScarJo has had to abandon under the pressure of the society :




“I’m not okay with it. I am violently against. The actors should be free to play what they want. This is also why I love so much to the performance capture. What should be important is that, regardless of his skin color, regardless of its physical size or its make-up, an actor should be able to play anything.”

And it is true that, on paper, Andy Serkis is right, but in fact it is a little simplistic. Because it is still a community who feels ostracized by Hollywood and who is currently fighting to assert its rights and its artistic representation. Therefore, as often, things are a little more complicated than in our heads, even if, once again, on paper, Serkis is not wrong. An actor must be able to play anything.


Andy Serkis

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