Angelina Jolie has extended the contract with the private judge in the custody case over the children

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt

Until recently it seemed that the divorce 43-year-old Angelina Jolie and 54-year-old brad pitt, which lasts for three years, is nearing completion. But there it was! A couple can not come to a compromise in the custody of their children, 17-year-old Maddox, 14-year-old Paxon, 13-year-old Zaharau, 12-year-old Shiloh and 10-year-old Knox and Vivienne, so officially severing its ties they have not yet obtained. And they terminated their marriage, apparently, not soon.

As reported by the Western media, Jolie filed a request for an extension of the contract with the private judge John Ouderkirk (he has registered her marriage with pitt in 2014), which is involved in their custody case. As previously reported, his term of office was extended until June 30, but now Jolie wants Ouderkirk worked on this process until at least 31 December of the following year.

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt with children

The pair, apparently, is trying hard to resolve the issue peacefully, without bringing the case to court. Originally the business planned to transfer to the court on 4 December. However, pitt and Jolie continued to negotiate, so as not to traumatize children litigation.

They understand that the ongoing struggle only hurts their children. They want to complete the negotiations before trial,

the source said.

Despite the fact that Jolie insists to get the most custody of the children, under the new agreement, pitt will spend with the children a considerable amount of time.

Another important issue of their divorce remains the financial side. Not yet clear how they will divide assets and cash (and we are talking about several million dollars) on a marriage contract they have entered into, and it only complicates the process. Jolie has accused pitt that the amount of child support that he pays her child support, is negligible. The actor also said that he has already paid her nine million dollars that will agree, the amount is not small.

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