Angelina Jolie want to remove it from the movie because of its thinness

Анджелину Джоли хотят убрать из кино из-за худобы

If Angelina Jolie does not fulfill the terms of the Directors, may soon lose his career.

Whether in pursuit of fashion, whether from excessive stress due to her divorce from brad pitt, but Angelina Jolie is too thin. And, looks like a celebrity is not as she would like – slender – and as if she has serious health problems.

Thus, the Western media reported that Hollywood producers put angelina’s condition. Now, if the actress doesn’t want to lose her career, she needs urgently to gain weight, otherwise she will not be able to play in a movie.

Анджелину Джоли хотят убрать из кино из-за худобы

The tabloids also say that if Jolie will not recover from the dangerous thinness, it can remain forever without losing career and reputation in Hollywood. Recall that the last work of the actress was shooting “Maleficent-2”, which took place on the territory of London.

Now the celebrity is obliged to hire a specialist who will ensure proper nutrition of the actress and will help her to gain weight, which is about to reach a critical point.

Earlier weight actress was watched by ex-husband brad pitt, who is regularly forced Jolie to undergo examinations, and to eat well for the kids. It is worth noting that the very same brad, after breaking up with Jolie began to look much better. The actor looked younger and brought in shape.

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