Angelina Jolie went out again into the light, wearing “mourning” dress

Анджелина Джоли снова вышла в свет, надев "траурное" платье

Lately she often appears in public in black.

The famous actress and one of the most beautiful Actresses in the world Angelina Jolie continues to disappoint loyal fans and shock the Hollywood, reports the with reference to GoGetNews.

Recently the star was again seen in the dress of mourning flowers which everywhere accompanies the celebrity.

After a loud divorce with brad pitt actress angelina Jolie fans only see the outfits in dark colours. The exception was kinteroni, where the actress came in a white dress with feathers. It is worth noting that the last time Jolie prefers not to attend star parties and public ceremonies.

Recently, the paparazzi photographed the actress on the walk in Hollywood. Angelina did not change its “black” style and put on a dress, cardigan and court shoes in black. Recall that the actress still continues to undergo treatment by a psychologist, after recent nervous breakdown.

Анджелина Джоли снова вышла в свет, надев "траурное" платье

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