Ani Lorak boasted relief pressure

Ани Лорак похвалилась рельефным прессом

Singer spends a lot of time in the gym.

Notorious Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who actually moved to live in Moscow, regularly performs in Russia and there receives various awards showed a new photo, where she poses in the gym, reports the with reference to

The picture on the background of the simulator Smith she has published in his Instagram.

“Well? Are you ready to see my favorite exercises?”, – she signed the. Ани Лорак похвалилась рельефным прессом

“The older, the more laid bare!” Topless Ani Lorak was criticized for outright fitopolesye appreciated slender and athletic figure of the singer and asked to see elements of the workout.

“Yes, please show me the exercises!”, “Course you are!!!)”, “Very beautiful! So miss you here in Ukraine”, “Nice… How do you just simply nice to look at…. look and charged!!!! Love to you and harmony in the soul;))”, “Push, squat and pull)))”, “Lovely. A rare combination of great figures and beautiful faces, Tight beautiful”, “Yes, the Turks will not be nervous?)))”, – write fans.

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