Anna Sedokova surprised strange outfit

Анна Седокова удивила странным нарядом

The singer posted a new photo from the Elevator.The soloist of the “Golden” group “VIA Gra” Anna Sedokova surprised fans with the Elevator in a strange outfit. The singer has published on his page in Instagram photo, where she poses in the Elevator with a bunch of suitcases. The star reported that flew to Sardinia, reports the with reference to Know.

“This photograph is the best adapted my life. I’m in the gold dress, in furs and with red suitcase, coming to the concert and immediately after, to Sardinia. Well, why not. Fur left, then they are not useful. The situation reminds me of a sign on the door to the rehearsal at my house, in Los Angeles. On the door was listed #donthatetheplayer. I cannot write more, aperol brought,” wrote Sedokova in the caption to the photo.

In the picture of a celebrity posing in a slinky gold pants and the same short top. Her shoulder slightly bared, and fur. The singer with her hair and sunglasses took a selfie in the mirror. It shows that she’s in the Elevator, and next to her red suitcase and a bag with clothes. Fans in the comments said, what do you think about the new photos of the singer.

“Anya, a red bag is always with You? Full of secrets and beautiful images!”, “Anna, you’re sweet”, “Awesome”, “Groovy”, “Boyeee… brilliant clothing, the fur on the resort, nothing will help… Anna, you are still terrible!”, “In the fur coat? In Sardinia? Did you know that there is a +25? The brain God gave,” “In this costume you look like the robot from the movie “Star wars”, “Anna, you are so ugly Valuev next to you “Miss Russia” seems”, “As always, the inimitable”, “Anya as always cool and stylish!”, “Pig in the Elevator,” write the people in the comments to the photo.Анна Седокова удивила странным нарядом

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