Annabelle 3 tells a bit more about its place in the universe of the Conjuring






Ah, we can say that James Wan should be super proud of himself on this one. Who would have believed at the time of the first Conjuring that it was in fact the beginning of an expanded universe ?

And it is true that the Conjuringverse begins to have a certain size, especially with the release of The Nun next Wednesday on our screens. while we are still waiting to have news of the film on the Crooked Man preview in Conjuring 2 : The case of Enfield, there is still the filming of The Conjuring 3 , and Annabelle, 3.


Annabelle does loose decidedly not the case


Moreover, the new adventure of the doll is the most evil in the world, after Chucky should not delay to give his first hit of crank, since the production will begin as soon as next month in Los Angeles for an output adjusted for time to the 3 July 2019. Interestingly, it will also be the first test of the screenwriter Gary Dauberman to the position of director, which gives us an additional reason to wait for the movie.

And in fact, the new director comes from specifying the micro-Cinema Blend at what time was the movie in the timeline of the universe :

“We have spouses Warren brings the doll home with them, as we have seen in Conjuring, after their visit to the apartment of the nurses. It starts shortly after, they have it in them, they are aware of the evil force that inhabits the doll and begin to worry about his presence in the midst of other artifacts. Therefore, it is before Conjuring 2 and just after the beginning of the Conjuring.”


She invites everywhere


A movie parallel, therefore, would be at the same time as another, this reminds me of the saga Saw, already of James Wan, but without the side messy. If l’it is hoped that the film will continue to improve the section Annabelle of the universe had already done the previous, the fact that we are speaking of husband, Warren, makes you wonder if they will be present in the film or not. A question that Dauberman prefer to respond in evasive manner to maintain the suspense.

“That’s something I’m not going to confirm or deny. You will just have to wait and see, but based on the history and all the rest, we understand that it is happening at home.”

Therefore, it seems clear that at a minimum we will descry one time or another.


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