Another 200 officers are to protect the peace of Toronto at night (PHOTO)

Еще 200 офицеров будут охранять покой Торонто в ночные часы (ФОТО)

The chief of police of Toronto mark Saunders announced that this summer at night and early in the morning will have another 200 officers, to put an end to the resurgence of armed violence in the city.

Saunders was announced the morning of Thursday, July 12, at the police Department.

According to him, from July 20 additional police will be sent to the region where it is really necessary, in the period from 19:00 PM to 03:00 o’clock in the morning, “and occurs when most cases of armed violence”.

The increase in the number of officers during the so-called “night rush hours”, as stated by Saunders, will be possible due to the large amount of overtime work that will cost the authorities of Toronto approximately $3 million.

“Our focus during this period of time will be dictated by the voice of reason – that the police are not flooded areas but remained focused on those few people who has the motive, the weapon, and use it all over the city, he said. – If we work with the local community and various organizations, I am confident that we will be successful.”

Saunders had previously stated that approximately 245 police officers patrol the streets from 22:00 until 03:00 o’clock in the morning, so an additional 200 officers who are expected to work in “certain days” is a significant number.

According to him, the police already know, “who are located all over the city” and could use additional resources in order to pursue those who break the peace in some communities.

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