Anti-cheat system sets new records locks users

Античитерская система устанавливает новые рекорды блокировок пользователей

Valve anti-cheat system (Valve Anti-Cheat, VAC) a monthly blocked from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of Steam users, but in recent months, statistics have changed markedly.

According to SteamDB, in December 2018 has been frozen for more than 622 thousand accounts, and in January 2019, the number of them exceeded one million, according to

The total number of VAC banned users has exceeded 26 million. Growth was designated in September 2017 and continues since. In November 2018 the system banned 103 289 accounts, in December the number was 622 851, and in January – 1 037 305. On 10 January under a VAC ban hit 57 522 account. Another peak was on January 30 (50 145).

The reason for the rapid growth, is to move Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on the shareware model. Changing the scheme of distribution together with the launch of the new regime the Royal rumble the Danger Zone caused a sharp influx of players. December 6, the peak number of simultaneously connected users in Global Offensive has exceeded 600 thousand, which has not happened for nine months. But at the same time increased the number of dishonest players and, apparently, cheat activity has not decreased.

VAC works not only in this game, the total number of projects in which she is involved, more than 300. Among others the list includes Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Rust, Ark: Survival Evolved and DayZ. Shooter Valve, it is used very actively, and even expressed the opinion that the company has decided to take the game to the shareware model in order that the system got more data and more actively developed their machine learning algorithms.

The system always worked imperfectly: users have complained about the unfair blocking and ignoring some cheats (for example, until may 2016, she did not respond to popular LMAOBOX Team Fortress 2).

In 2016, VAC began to freeze accounts with matching phone numbers. Machine learning algorithms were integrated around February 2017.

The head of Valve Gabe Newell has confirmed that the mechanisms of VAC changed every few weeks. All the details are kept secret in order to complicate the cheaters bypass the system. In addition to the automatic locks for the use of prohibited SOFTWARE on Steam are applied by hand: this opportunity the developers have given in may 2015.