Anti-virus: it is better to wash your hands or use antiseptic?

Борьба с вирусами: лучше мыть руки или обрабатывать антисептиком?

Which is better: hand washing or use of sanitizers to fight flu and other infections?

In the fight against the flu annual vaccination is important, but hands must be clean. Consumer Reports publishes an amazing new study on how the purity of the hands affects our health during the winter.

The medical team Consumer Reports says that the key to health and protection from virus is to wash your hands, ideally with soap and hot water. The use of the disinfectant for the hands is the next best option, but not a priority, experts warn.

According to the Centers for control and prevention of diseases, proper use of disinfectant alcohol-based can kill some microbes, such as viruses of colds and flu. But an antiseptic is not a reliable protection against several other microorganisms, including norovirus, a common and very infectious infection of the stomach. And he may not be as effective if hands are visibly dirty.

A recent study even showed that washing hands with water alone – no soap – maybe better to remove the flu virus than disinfectant for the hands. It is best to use a little and rinse your hands at least 20 seconds.