Appeared the first teasers Ukrainian Comedy “Skujene wedding music” (Video)

Появились первые тизеры украинской комедии "Скажене весілля" (Видео)

Ukrainian full-length Comedy “Skujene wedding music”, producer of which became a famous TV host Yuri Gorbunov, will appear on the big screens in October of this year.

The shooting of the film “Skujene wedding music” started may 31, then site Studio FILM.UA they held a traditional ceremony of breaking plates.

Yuri Gorbunov gathered in his painting several stars of the Ukrainian showbiz. So, on the screens you will see Potapov in the role of priest and eulampia MONATIK in the role of clerk of Pilipina. In addition, the movie will appear and Yury Gorbunov Oleg Vinnik.

The story of the film will unfold around the Director of the regional Museum of V. Seredyuk, who sent his daughter Kate to France for training. However, the man did not expect that this month will tell the girl that marries a French doctor – a heart surgeon Francois. “Seredyuk – European family” is a slogan from the lips of Basil was heard in every district. Imagine his surprise when he saw that the desired European son – in-law amarantus.

Tape “Skujene wedding” will be the first part of a future comic franchises Vasily Seredyuk and his family. The film will immerse the viewer in preparation for the wedding and the celebration itself – an endless source of humor and national coloring.

Ukrainian premiere of the Comedy are scheduled for October 4, 2018.

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