Apple cider vinegar, Cayenne pepper: the 6 most unusual star diets

Sometimes the stars, to quickly get in shape resort to a rather interesting, unconventional, but, according to them, effective diet. What to eat and drink, Beyonce, Madonna, Kate Middleton and other stars and how even tricks resorted to lose weight in a short period of time, talk in our material.


For the first time the “big cleaning” (or simply “lemonade diet”), Beyonce held before the filming of the movie “Dreamgirls” (Dreamgirls). For a full ten days, the singer drinks only cocktail of water, lemon juice, maple syrup and Cayenne pepper.

Every morning the wife of Jay-Z also advises to drink a small amount of “sea water”. From razresheni: still water without any restrictions and chamomile or mint broth. According to diva, such a rigid diet allows you to fold from five to nine pounds.

Marilyn Monroe

Slim waist, miss Monroe was obliged unusual habit:
I was told that my eating habits totally strange, but I don’t think so. Before I take a shower, I heat the milk on the stove in your room. When the milk gets hot, I break two raw eggs, whipped with a fork and drink while getting dressed. I Supplement drink, multivitamin complex and I doubt any doctor could recommend a more nourishing Breakfast for a working girl that is always somewhere in a hurry.

For lunch, the star ate the fried liver or lamb meat. Every evening, she bought steak, lamb chops or liver. Along with the meat, the actress was eating four or five raw carrots, and all.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor in one of his interviews told, that hung on the door of the refrigerator its most horrible photo that helped her not to overeat. The star was not a fan of sports, but did not represent the life without fried chicken, mashed potatoes with lots of gravy and chocolate cake.

In 1987, the actress has written a book about his diet, “Elizabeth throwing his weight about”. You will be surprised, but the recipe is harmony Taylor of salads and cheese with sour cream, steak and peanut butter and toast with fruit every morning… the drinks Liz had offered a cocktail of syrup, vodka and Kahlua liqueur.

Kate Middleton

The Duchess was able to maintain an amazing figure after three pregnancies, and all thanks to the Dukan diet (her diet consisted of white meat, vegetables and whole wheat bread). Say that lately the wife of Prince William was fascinated by the raw food diet.

The skin looked fresh and radiant, Kate eats raw fish marinated in lemon or lime juice and other spices, gazpacho (Andalusian cold soup of pureed raw vegetables), berries, taboule (salad, main ingredients are bulgur, finely chopped parsley) and almond milk (from whole milk, she refused).


Madonna is prioritize extremely strict macrobiotic system of eating, which forbids use products containing wheat, eggs, meat and milk. What then remains? The diet consists of the so-called “sea vegetables”.

For Breakfast she eats Japanese miso soup, and dinner is often barley broth with seaweed. The main rules of the diet state that you should use only local products to cook and eat only in a good mood and no plastic packaging and microwaved (microwave, according to the teachings of macrobiotics, kill live food).

Megan Fox

To lose weight and cleanse the body, Megan Fox drinking a cocktail based on Apple cider vinegar. By the way, the same recipe for the preservation of the body was used by the Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. The fact is that Apple cider vinegar normalizes blood sugar levels and stimulates fat burning. Also, it suppresses appetite and removes toxins and wastes.

Also, the actress advocates the idea of five-factor power Harley Pasternak — simple recipes with five ingredients prepared in five minutes. Once a week Megan is like a “cheat day” that allows himself to eat anything. Megan avoids processed foods, such as chips, white bread and crackers. As a source of carbohydrates it prefers fruits and vegetables. Megan never skip Breakfast, it is the main meal of the day.

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