Apple has found a solution for the technology Face ID

В Apple нашли решение для усовершенствования технологии Face ID

The face detection technology Face ID needs no introduction. On iPhone X, Apple has put special emphasis on security and reliability of the new biometric option. A complex system of cameras TrueDepth, leaves virtually no chance for hacking. And in the future, facial recognition technology will only become more reliable — it indicates new was patent.

In 2017, the hackers still managed to find a weak spot Face ID. It turned out that the system can be fooled using a special 3D mask. Then experts assured — ordinary users have nothing to fear, because the creation of such a mask requires a considerable investment:

At last count, the creation of such 3D masks cost the hackers at $ 150, with all of the materials used. In all of this, was involved in the work of the artist, to most authentically capture the facial features.

Security experts warned that high-ranking officials should abandon the use of Face ID. Despite all the security, the technology still has some flaws.

However, the new generation Face ID to get around will not be so easy. The newly registered patent is a proof. According to the document, Apple engineers have found a solution that will finally put an end to how to unlock 3D masks, reports “hitechnews”.

Face ID 2 will include additional authentication methods. Advanced sensors can detect micro movements on the face, in addition, scanning will occur in several phases — will be used both two-dimensional and three-dimensional projection of the face. As a result, to deceive the recognition system will become almost impossible.

While the technology is described only on paper, but we hope that the improved method of biometric identification will receive its application in iPhone 11.