Apple received a patent for a fitness bracelet that measures pressure

Apple получила патент на фитнесс-браслет, измеряющий давление

Apple has patented a new device with a function for measuring blood pressure.

Reported by Apple Insider, citing Office for issuing patents and registering trademarks the United States.

“On Thursday, Apple issued a patent for a likely device for measuring blood pressure, which is connected to other devices of the company”, – stated in the message.

If the device is implemented, it will be the first medical device company, which will be subject to the control of the Management of the food and drug administration. The unit will operate according to the principle of the tonometer and to have one or more airbags with sensors that measure the pressure on the arm or leg. Engineers also equip it with a mechanism to adjust the girth of the wrist or ankle for reliable indicators on the monitor device.

It is reported that the application for a patent for the application was made in June 2016.

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