APU has upgraded hundreds of T-64 tanks

Для ВСУ модернизировали сотни танков Т-64

For the Armed Forces of Ukraine modernized more than a hundred tanks T-64 sample 2017. This was announced by the President Petro Poroshenko in Facebook.

In particular, it is specified that the GP Kharkiv armored plant has upgraded hundreds of T-64 sample 2017. According to the head of the state, these machines enough to rearm a tank brigade.

“The best combat capabilities of modern cameras, secure, digital communication, satellite navigation equipment and a new dynamic protection – all got our tanks thanks to the specialists of the Ukrainian defense industry”, – the President wrote in the social network, posted a video with the tanks.

Poroshenko added that the Ukrainian defense industry – “to shift to the production of new weapons and transition to NATO standards”.