Aquaman could blow up the scores of Avengers : Infinity War and Venom for his start at the box-office






The star of the box office by 2018 we would come to it from the depths of the ocean ? This is what could be profiler with Aquaman James Wan, in theaters on December 19.

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer-does it finally for the DCEU ? After the flop of Batman v Superman : Dawn of justice (27% positive reviews based on 394 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes), Suicide Squad (27% also on 348 reviews) and the very warm middle of the Justice League (40% to 347 reviews), it is possible thatAquaman raises the standard, and is as well received as Wonder Woman (93% on 408 reviews).

Maus beyond criticism, these are the recipes that are also in the line of sight to DC and Warner Bros.


Dip hyper stylish let’s face it


This year, Marvel has chained the records (with the exception of Ant-Man and Wasp) at the box office. Black Panther (14 February 2018) broke not only the record of sales in advance of Captain America : Civil War (April 27, 2016) and also that of its box office for its first weekend : 202 million compared to $ 179. Avengers : Infinity War (April 25, 2018), then, made even better by achieving the best first weekend of the year at the u.s. box office with $ 257 million, dégommant the record-breaking Marvel and becoming the film that has made the best start on american soil in the History of cinema (excluding inflation).

And if Marvel has finished its year, and it is now the hero of submarine DC show. And perhaps to offer a big success… After the first returns of the before-the first testing is rather positive of the spectators, the film became the first of the pre-sales of tickets to Atom Tickets in its first 24 hours, beating the record of Avengers : Infinity War. Aquaman is doing so very very well.


By the trident, I triompherai !


This classification includes the tickets sold for the preview of Warner Bros. in partnership with Amazon Prime (members can only purchase their ticket than on Atom), which will be held on 15 December in a selection of 1 000 rooms across the United States.

Then one sees already coming the skeptics, but the craze is alive and well at the appointment. On Fandango, the pre-sales of the first day for Aquaman have already eclipsed those of Venom (80 million for its opening weekend) and those of Mission : Impossible – Fallout (61 million). The recipe for this success : make a gift, the purchase of the ticket to the accounts Fandango VIP, five digital BD, including Aquaman # 1.


And it, it has no price


So nothing is gained for the man fish. Aquaman is going to have to play a little of the fins against the competition to be able to really impose themselves, especially as it will be tough. The film DC fate at the same time as the spin-off of Transformers, Bumblebee , and that the return on the big screen heroine disney : Mary Poppins.

The sale in advance of tickets, if it allows the making of estimates of the box-office, is above all a tool of communication which arouses the enthusiasm and the expectation of a film (with trailers, posters, talkshows, etc.).

Solo : A Star Wars Story is the perfect example of a holding that has not happened as expected. If the film had beautiful and well-lined Black Panther (!!) the number of presales sold, the first weekend at the box-office hasn’t confirmed the success of the film. Solo is not counted as 84 million (compared to 202 of the panther), which is less than half !

A small month separates us from the cinema release of’Aquaman, on the 19th of next December in France (21 December in the United States), the opportunity to watch again the trailer are final.



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