Aquaman : the first reviews are fallen… and they are rather positive






Fans of the DC universe comics were able to see Aquaman in a first date : the first of these opinions have fallen and it may be surprised. Played by Jason Momoa, the film by James Wan, will be released in France on the 19th of December next, and in the meantime, we’ll let you discover the first reactions.

The films of the DC universe, which remain more or less level at the global box office, would soon take like a roller coaster when it comes to the reactions of the fans, critics and the press. Between 668 million for Man of Steel (not enough convaicant), Batman v Superman : Dawn of justice, which in engrende 873,6 (detesté by critics and average by the spectators) Suicide Squad and its 746,8 million (very moderately liked), Wonder Woman with 821,8 million (acclaimed), and the Justice League, who finished with 657,9 million (and has been largely dropped), we don’t really know what to expect from this expanded universe.

Especially thatAquaman is a promise difficult : do not make this universe aquatic super canon something grotesque. And since the discovery of Aquaman in Batman v Superman : Dawn of justice , and especially Justice League was not very convincing…


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While the first trailers of’Aquaman had managed to put us the mouth water with the unveiling of the decorations and of the livestock sub-marine rather successful, the posters of the characters, exits at the beginning of the week, we had rather left the impression of having drunk the cup too long.

Against all odds, the first feedback of the fans are showing very good prospects for Aquaman, even if you are not sure that it will manage to steal the crown of Wonder Woman in terms of phenomenal success. In the meantime, on 19 December, here is the first notice of the spectators :


For those asking, audiences seem to really love #Aquaman last night, haven’t heard a single bad thing, beautiful, funny, adventurous, it’s really everything you want.

— KC Walsh (@TheComixKid) 8 November 2018

“For those who ask, the spectators seem to have really liked Aquaman yesterday evening, I have not heard anything negative, he is handsome, funny, daring, this is really all that you want “. KC Walsh – Geeks WorldWide


Aquaman was sooo gooood!!! ????????????

— alejandґґґa【=◈︿◈=】 (@aleJOHNdra_) 8 November 2018


“Aquaman was teeellllement biiiiiiiiiien !!! “.


Aquaman is my top DC movie now. You heard it here first. First to watch it on the west coast!

— Carl Abellana (@carlcarlsonnnn) 8 November 2018


“Aquaman is now my film is DC preferred. You heard it here for the first time. First watching on the west coast ! “. Carl Abellana.

So… about #Aquaman. A reaction from final film:
– It’s pretty good! Not groundbreaking, purpose solid
Action is good, story is alright
– CGI is decent
– Score is meh
– Mera/Arthur are hit and miss
– Overall, a good film

— baji (@AemonBarz) 8 November 2018


“So … about Aquaman. A reaction to the finished film :
– It is rather good ! Not revolutionary, but solid
– The action scenes are good, story is ok
– The special effects are suitable
– The music is fro
– Mera/Arthur mi-figue mi-raisin
– Overall, a good movie .


For getting his opinion, he will have to wait for the release of the film the film, on the 19th of December next.


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