Archaeologists are rediscovering the Bible

Археологи заново открывают Библию

Scientists continue to study the Bible.

Evidence for many of the events described in the Holy book of the Christians, are the archaeological finds which reveal lately.

Because of this, scientists continue to study the Bible and sometimes “invent” it again, noting that Moses remained a big mystery for all of mankind. For example, near the Jordan, archaeologists have found a temple of unusual form, in fact, pushed to the ground.

Some scientists believe that here in ancient times and baptized Jesus Christ. Speaking in favor of this numerous descriptions of the pilgrims of the middle Ages. In the field of biblical archaeology new discoveries are celebrated almost every year and often we are talking about the artifacts that are associated with a specific event. In this process, scientists have had to rely mainly on ancient manuscripts.

Another interesting finding is considered “the Madaba map”, in Jordan, which consists of 5 million mosaic pieces. Mount nebo also became quite a fascinating mystery. The fact that it houses the grave of Moses, whose body was never found.

According to experts, the prophet intentionally left the last riddle, instructing to bury him in this place, to later tomb was desecrated.

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