Army / / healing effect: in Ukraine has created a unique technology of drying of foodstuffs

Армейский сухпаек с лечебным эффектом: в Украине создали уникальную технологию сушки продуктов

In any powdered soups or porridges of fast preparation are added preservatives, stabilizers, thickener, — says senior researcher of the Institute of Thermophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, doctor of technical Sciences Zhanna Petrova. — Baby food (including the most expensive) contains a thickener. But dehydrated on our technology of drying and turned into powder products in the preservatives or other chemicals do not need. Stored for a long time — officially, a shelf life of one year (although in reality the products remain usable for at least twice as long).

— The war has pushed us to create on the basis of my technology products drying dry rations for the army, continues doctor of technical Sciences Zhanna Petrova. — It looks like the long-familiar powder fast food: filled with boiling water and after a few minutes the soup or soup, porridge, mashed potatoes ready to eat. One of the major differences between our powder dishes that they have no basis in chemistry. Another feature: in vegetables, fruits, meat and other products included in these dishes, almost completely preserved nutrients.

But that’s not all: the complex powder of our food belongs to the category of functional (i.e., Wellness) food. The recipes are designed so that in the soup or the soup was optimally balanced content of necessary for the human body substances. Some ingredients allow others a long time to break down. For example, for the preservation of carotene which is in carrots, we are at the stage of preparation to the drying, combine this vegetable with foods that contain fat. He has one more function: allows you to turn the carotene in the body into vitamin A.

In sugar beet it is important to keep betaine, because it has antioxidant properties. We have managed to save 98 percent of this valuable substance. The secret is that in preparation for drying, mix the beets with lemon, rhubarb, tomatoes — vegetables and fruits containing the organic acids.

It is important to know that betaine destroys cholesterol plaques in the human body at the stage of their formation. So beets it is desirable to eat every day. At home cooking in the skin, it is better to bake. Then you will be able to keep 70-80 percent of betaine.

Армейский сухпаек с лечебным эффектом: в Украине создали уникальную технологию сушки продуктов
* Zhanna Petrova: “Our rations at seven times lighter than those that now give to the soldiers at the front”

— How many dishes are in the army / / developed by you?

— More than 20. This makes it possible to organize the power of men so that for a whole week none of the food will not be repeated. For example, Monday Breakfast, the soldiers make powder porridge, lunch — soup, buckwheat with meat and our unique fruit jelly, snack — pumpkin porridge, and for dinner corn porridge with meat. On Tuesday, a set of kas will be different, and instead of soup soldiers gonna make myself a soup — buckwheat, rice, wheat…

Армейский сухпаек с лечебным эффектом: в Украине создали уникальную технологию сушки продуктов

— I wonder how many ingredients in your soup?

— Sixteen: beans, parsnips, sweet peppers, carrots, fennel, parsley, potatoes, beets, cabbage and others. We recently were visiting Chinese colleagues. We served them soup from a powder. Guests said: “He is as good as the one we ate yesterday at the restaurant!”

— Already sent rations to the front?

— Of course. The staff of our Institute collected money, we bought food, prepared sack Lunches and handed fighters. The responses were invariably the best. Another thing is that our food should not replace conventional borscht, soups, cereals, mashed potatoes, cooked in a field kitchen. Packed Lunches, including ours, is designed for those occasions when for one reason or another, it is impossible to eat from the army of the boiler. For example, it is useful to snipers who spend many hours on masked positions, the scouts during a combat mission, soldiers at checkpoints or remote positions…

Армейский сухпаек с лечебным эффектом: в Украине создали уникальную технологию сушки продуктов
* Dry soup before cooking

Армейский сухпаек с лечебным эффектом: в Украине создали уникальную технологию сушки продуктов
* To convert dried vegetables to complete the soup, just pour boiling water

— Appealed to the Ministry of defence of Ukraine with a proposal to turn your rations in the army diet?

Yes. Unfortunately, nothing came of it. I was asked: where in the field the soldier will take a Cup of boiling water to dissolve powders? The remark seems to be correct. However, the soldiers who ate our suhpaykom, in one voice said: the soldiers will find a way to heat himself a Cup of water — it is enough to set fire to the tablet dry alcohol (give it to soldiers). However, some military told me that just dumped the powder in my mouth, washed down with cold water and remained fat and happy.

By the way, our field rations lungs. Daily rations, which are now issued to soldiers, weighs three pounds. And our 500-700 grams: seven times easier.

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Climbers have repeatedly said in an interview with “FACTS” that you take with you to the mountains of the so-called freeze-dried, that is dehydrated meat, porridge, soup — to load was easier. Your products like freeze-dried?

— From the other and removed the moisture. In other respects they differ. You need to understand that sublimation is the removal of water by freezing. This technology is nine (!) times more expensive than ours. In addition, the sublimation process the most part of vitamins and other nutrients is destroyed. And using our technology drying is almost completely preserved.

Армейский сухпаек с лечебным эффектом: в Украине создали уникальную технологию сушки продуктов
* Drying technologies, by Jeanne Petrova, is unique in the world

— How decreases the weight of the products that have been drying for your technology?

— More than ten times. For example, carrots dries in 12 times. There is a notion of “equilibrium moisture content”. It is the humidity of the environment. In the climatic conditions of Ukraine, it is usually 18-20 percent. We the products to be dried to such an extent that they are still six to eight percent moisture.

— Making possible to dispense powder when cooking dishes with no preservatives?

— It’s all in the drying technology that has no analogues in the world. The first time we were dried and turned into powder pineapples and bananas. We would not have achieved results, if guided with the popular belief that dry foods should be at a relatively low temperature — about 50 degrees. Indeed, while actively developing microorganisms, and fruits and vegetables spoil. Our technology allows to prevent this. On its basis was created for industrial shop, which we sold to Vietnam. Those bananas (from 140 to 200 containers) in the first stage of drying, exposed for one hour exposure to air heated to 100-120 degrees.

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— Because at this temperature most of the vitamins will be destroyed!

They remain intact. Banana contains about 80 percent water. Most of the energy heated up to 100 degrees of dry air is going to rapidly dry the moisture. Therefore, the banana is heated to 50 degrees. So, the vitamins remain intact. Since drying occurs quickly, the microorganisms do not have time to spoil the fruit. After the first drying chamber it is treated with hot air in two chambers with temperatures of 70 degrees and 60 degrees. The output moisture content of the fruit is six to eight percent. As I said, with this moisture content in the product mold, fungi, bacteria do not develop. Therefore, our preservatives are turned into a powder of vegetables, fruits and meat is not needed.

Армейский сухпаек с лечебным эффектом: в Украине создали уникальную технологию сушки продуктов

— You know, if not for the war, we could and would not use my drying technology for the production of fast food, — continues Jeanne Petrov. But powder can use not only military, climbers or tourists in the campaign, but office workers, drivers, workers in the construction… Because of our fast food even have therapeutic effect because the body needs the substance is almost completely preserved and are in the optimal proportions.

One of our colleagues from Lugansk, who had volunteered for the front, aggravated stomach ulcer. When he arrived in Kiev, we gave him a hundred packets of hot cereal. He began to eat it, and soon the ulcer healed. There are test results conducted on a group of people. We gave the Institute of gerontology of AMS of Ukraine party pumpkin porridge powder. One group of elderly patients Institute, eat regular food, the other our mess. As a result, the health status of people from the second group improved markedly in the first has changed little. Now preparing for the Institute of gerontology another batch of powder products.

— You are invited to work abroad?

— This year I traveled three times to China.

At the Institute of physics said that a list of 200 doctors from all over the world, who are invited to China for scientific advice. In the first ten on the list, the Director of the Institute of Thermophysics academician Yuri F. Snezhkin and Jeanne Aleksandrovna Petrova.

Армейский сухпаек с лечебным эффектом: в Украине создали уникальную технологию сушки продуктов
* In the Institute of Thermophysics has created a unique smokeless stove for the front

— By the way, we’ve created a unique stove for the front, adds Zhanna Aleksandrovna. — It was developed at the Institute of Thermophysics, when the war began in Donbas. The stove can run on wood, coal, peat — almost anything. The fuel consumption low. The stove is equipped with a’, which produces electricity: soldiers can plug in a light bulb, charge a cell… But the most important that this oven is smokeless. It is very important to disguise, and thus save the lives of soldiers. “Stove” equipped with fixtures through which it is convenient to prepare and to dry things. Our team for his own money built a hundred ovens and sent them to the front.

As previously reported “FACTS”, continues the translation of the power system of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to NATO standards, but not all of these plans runs smoothly.

*Photo by Sergei TUSHINO, “FACTS”

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