Arnold Schwarzenegger apologized to the women

Арнольд Шварценеггер извинился перед женщинами

“Terminator” said that he always respected women.

Hollywood actor and former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger made an unexpected confession. The man apologized to women, in communion with whom he “crossed the border”.

About this 71-year-old actor told reporters edition of Men’s Health anniversary issue which was decorated with archival photos of Arnold Schwarzenegger, writes the with reference to

“In retrospect, I can say that several times crossed the border, and I first ask for forgiveness. I feel bad, I’m sorry. When I became Governor, I wanted to make sure that no one will ever repeat that mistake,” said Arnold Schwarzenegger.

According to him, after his appointment as Governor of California, he initiated the passage of special courses for all their employees. While watching Arnold Schwarzenegger learned what harassment and what steps lawyers can be considered harassment.

At the same time, Hollywood’s “Terminator,” said that has always respected women and respectful to him. Arnold Schwarzenegger even made a sensual recognition of whom he loved most.

The woman I loved most was my mother. I respected her, she was fantastic– said by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In the candid interview, the actor apologized again. Arnold Schwarzenegger appealed to the opponents, who participated in the election campaign of 2004. Then a celebrity publicly called them “effeminate”, for now he was ashamed.

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