Around Mazda erupted scandal

Вокруг Mazda разгорается громкий скандал

Mazda is suspected of falsifying emissions data.According to the article in Nikkei Asian Review, Mazda is suspected of concealing the real data on fuel economy and emissions of harmful substances produced by its cars.

These facts were revealed during the internal audit of the company and reports submitted to the Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport of Japan for publication in the coming days. In the same report mentions other Japanese companies — Suzuki and Yamaha Motor.

Thus, Mazda has become the third Japanese car maker, after Nissan and Subaru, which found a discrepancy of data. In the end, Subaru has sent in the resignation of its CEO, and Nissan was forced to admit that the falsification of the results could occur for more than 30 years.

Both of the aforementioned Japanese companies have used unqualified inspectors for final checks on vehicles, which led to errors in the results.

A similar situation a few years earlier happened with the European car manufacturer Volkswagen, which found that 11 million of its vehicles worldwide were equipped with software for falsification of test results emissions conducted in the United States.

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