Around the Ferrari erupted serious scandal

Вокруг Ferrari разгорается нешуточный скандал

The family of Steve McQueen sued by Ferrari.The family of Steve McQueen’s unhappy that Ferrari uses the name of the actor for selling cars and has filed a lawsuit against the Italian company for damages.

In 2016 Ferrari celebrated its 70th anniversary with special edition cars that were presented at the motor show in Paris. One car was called “The McQueen” – the Ferrari California T. However, it appears the manufacturer was not authorized to use the name of the actor to represent this car.

Chadwick McQueen, son of actor, July 30 filed a lawsuit in the Supreme court of the County of Los Angeles, demanding damages in the amount of $ 2 million. The statement said that the company used the actor’s name on your website, in social media and advertising brochures. After the family filed a complaint, Ferrari replaced the “The McQueen” to “The Actor” (Actor), still using a promotional photo of Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta, which was once owned by the actor.

In 2011, Chadwick visited the Ferrari factory and discussed with the President of the company a unique car McQueen, but with the condition that the family will have exclusive rights to use the name McQueen in the project.

According to publications, the McQueen family “was shocked when in 2017 learned that Ferrari without notice or permission, began to advertise and sell a special series Ferrari called “The McQueen” and that is used in the persona of Steve McQueen.

Ferrari have not yet responded to the lawsuit and declined to comment.

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