As for the Post Gagarin, Litvinov and other stars congratulated the brothers Vernikov with the 55th anniversary

Igor Vernik Olga Slutsker, Vadim Vernik and Tatiana Navka

Yesterday, October 11, Igor and Vadim Vernici celebrated the anniversary — star twin brothers turned 55. This holiday Igor decided to spend on the stage of the Chekhov Moscow art theatre, where he last played in the play “Room 13D”. At this time, Vadim in the company of Tatiana Navka, Polina Gagarina, Olga Slutsker, Renata Litvinova and other friends supported the brother in the hall.

Vadim Vernik and Renata Litvinova

After the performance of Igor Vernik was a pleasant surprise. Paulina Andreeva, Andrey burkovsky, Stanislav Druzhnikov and other colleagues on setting suddenly the scene began to congratulate him on his anniversary: solemn music and applause of the audience Igor gave a bouquet of roses and jokingly sat in a wheelchair (apparently, hinting at his fast-approaching retirement age).

Vadim Vernik and Andrew burkovskii

Then Polina Gagarin stood up from his seat and from the floor began to sing Igor is known to all from childhood, the song “happy birthday to you.” The performance of the singer was so touched by the actor that he tried several times to go to the gym, to hug and to personally thank Pauline.

Polina Gagarina


Then came on stage the second the hero of the festivities Vadim, the famous father of the twin brothers Emil wernick. Their example was followed by all the gathered stars who want to say the birthday few nice words.

Igor Vernik Olga Slutsker, Vadim Vernik and Tatiana Navka

Vladimir Mashkov, who was involved in the production of the play “Room 13D”, I was not personally able to attend in person but recorded for Igor and Vadim video greetings. It all gathered showed on the big screen.

Vladimir Mashkov

11 Oct. Mat. Our Igor’s birthday. Thanks to everyone who was with us that night!

— Vadim thanked all the friends in his Instagram after the night was over.

Vadim Vernik’s son Gregory and ex-wife Maria

Igor and Vadim Vernici with father Emil

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